Monday, January 7, 2008

A Slight Correction

So it seems that the history of lower division US soccer is a bit more twisted than I initially believed. GS-1 from has sent me the following:

"FC Seattle drew bigger or similar crowds to those the USL Sounders have, in general, over the years. The only bump the 'Sounders' got was when they came back in 1994, after Seattle had been without pro soccer for over 4 years. The Sounders of 1996-2002 drew fewer fans than FC Seattle for the most part.

Also, they never played 'in the USL.' FC Seattle Storm played in a couple of leagues, and won the Western Soccer Alliance in 1988. The USL later 'adopted' that league's history, but they are different animals."

Shows that maybe I shouldn't play slave to attendance data also (heh-heh). With that being said, I do still stand by my article "A Team by Any Other Name..." and the general tone of the piece.

GO SOUNDERS!!! And don't forget to visit both and for more on the Seattle soccer scene!

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