Saturday, February 16, 2008

Playing Catch-up with Some Random Thoughts

So, it has been a while since I last posted anything- and I had planned on making this a weekly thing! Oops. Oh, well. So, I figured it is about time I got on my duff and did something about that.


I've had some comments on the coming Champion's League (CCL)- mostly about how MLS teams would get into it. Emmett and "Anonymous" both agree that the US Open Cup winner should get into the CCL, but Emmett hears- and I would agree with him on this- that the four MLS teams will be the winner of the Supporter's Shield and the runner-up along with the two teams that vied for MLSCup. My only two questions here are: would Toronto FC be considered "American" just because it is in MLS? Would the Canadian entry into the CCL come from a domestic league up there? "Anonymous" would put the winner of the Supporter's Shield and runner-up ahead of the MLSCup teams as far as seeding would go. I should have put this in my Champion's League post as I believe the regular season is all you need and the post-season is just a small unnecessary tournament. Thanks for the comments, guys! Keep 'em coming, everybody!


Rumor report: Word on the grapevine has it that the owners of Seattle MLS are having a time trying to decide on a name. It sounds like one owner wants one name, while another owner prefers something else and neither choice is "Sounders." If they can't decide, the rumor goes on to say, then the name will default to "Sounders."

Also, there is another rumor about a man who works with a local (Seattle) Spanish-language radio station. This man has connections within the team's front office and he is POSITIVE that the name will be "Sounders." For fans like me, this is looking very good indeed.


And finally, I'm going to put out my idea for a promotion/relegation system for American soccer. (I know, everybody has their own particular idea, but nobody else has this blog!) My plan calls for the scrapping of the playoff system, but can work with one in place. With the playoffs, my idea would take the top two teams from the regular season in the USL-1 and that league's playoff champion and play them against the bottom three teams from MLS in a two-legged series. The winner moves up and the loser moves down. Without the playoffs, the teams would be the top three from the regular season. Heck, this sounds a little like how MLS should choose its teams for the CCL (plus the Open Cup Champ, of course!)

I know that American soccer is probably- no, most likely- about ten to fifteen years away from anything like this. However, the MLS Commissioner of then is- hopefully- a reader of this blog and would use this idea to honor me- because we all know that I will be a famous soccer sportswriter by then and will have huge influence with the fans!


Well, that's it for now. My brain tends to run dry a little quicker on the weekends. Also, I hope to have something else to post before the end of the month and maybe the posts will come a little quicker once soccer starts up again here in the States. Until next time, please keep the comments coming!

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