Saturday, August 2, 2008

Time for SuperLiga to Go

To be completely honest with everybody, I was never a fan of the SuperLiga in the first place. It was just a concoction between US Soccer, MLS, the FMF (the Mexican FA), and the Mexican First Division to make more money between the two largest soccer super-powers in CONCACAF. A region that really lacks in super-powers. It is an exclusionary event that clogs up the schedules of both MLS and the Mexican First Division. With league games, Open Cup games, and, for some, Champion's League match-ups, the SuperLiga is already out-dated.

After the recent events in the two SuperLiga semi-finals, it shows that it is just a tarnished, useless forgery. Why the violence after losing out to Houston and New England? The complaints about officials I can understand, those will always be apart of the game. So you lost, it happens. Mexican teams are going to have to start realizing that MLS teams are not automatic victories anymore- especially with the Champion's League starting later this month.

Speaking of which, the Champion's League is a perfect example of why the SuperLiga should be dumped. The CL trumps it. There is more money to be made in the Champion's League- plus a berth in the FIFA Club World Cup (which will become more of a "happening thing" if you ask me).

So, to all who have the "power," get rid of this pointless tournament. Put the $1 million prize towards something actually worthwhile- like the US Open Cup. Promote that why don't ya?

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